Tagging along for a temple tour

I met a Thai girl at the hostel and I ended up going with her to check out a pile of palaces and temples.

Bangkok coloured tiles
The stark, almost childish style of block colours is eye-catching and unique.

As it turns out I was lucky she was there as I ran in to issues at a security checkpoint – so her translation skills were very handy.

Temples in Bangkok
Just looking out over everything – there are so many foreign design elements, it’s fascinating.

Afterwards we had lunch. I ended up trying a lot of interesting new foods. Part of the advantage of hanging out with locals is they know all the interesting eating spots.

Crunchy fried noodle things – something different!

Bangkok Chinatown

Having had a lazy day I got myself organised and headed out to explore Bangkok.

Bangkok waterfront
After many dead ends I finally found an unobstructed section of the waterfront

I decided to check out Chinatown – that’s generally a safe bet for some good food. 

Painting on gate of temple
I was impressed by the colours on this temple’s gate

It certainly didn’t disappoint, however it was rather overcrowded.

Street in Chinatown, Bangkok
Delicious food but too much people and general chaos…

The rat race of Bangkok 

Having finished my freediving I wanted to move on as soon as possible. Phuket is just way too touristy for my liking. Too many drunk foreigners and not enough culture or life. I booked cheap flights to Bangkok and was on my way.

Monument in Bangkok
A random monument I saw on my way from the airport

I’ve read a lot of negative things about Bangkok, mainly about it being a big grimy city with little to do. It sounds bizarre but I almost felt at home as soon as I arrived, I think the whole massive Asian super city thing is something I’m comfortable with now (after traveling through China).

Picture of green palace gardens in Bangkok
Palace gardens, unfortunately behind locked gates…

Being somewhere new is exciting, can’t wait to get out and explore more. Right now I’m relaxing at my hostel, I’ll make some plans tomorrow!

Picture of hostel with rubix cube
My hostel has a rubiks cube theme?

Learning to freedive

One of the many things I wanted to do on this trip was learn to freedive. For those that aren’t familiar with the discipline it is the practice of holding your breath while diving as deep as possible. The world record is over 100 metres (to give an idea of how insane it can be).

Picture of dive boats
The dive boat I went out on. A stark contrast to the glorified canoe I did my last dives from!

I did a three day PADI course which included theory, pool time and then open water dives. Frustratingly I ran in to issues equalising upside down which meant I was unable to go for the full certification.

Stand up paddle board on dive boat
I messed around on a stand up paddle board too.

That said I still had a great time and managed to get a breath hold of 2:40. I’ve got all the techniques and training I need to continue to progress with that at home and once I’ve got my ears sorted I’ll be set!