Visa troubles and impulsive decisions

Having already been ripped off by one Indonesian immigration officer it was with much reluctance that I headed along to the visa office to look in to extending my visa. This turned out to be more involved than I thought, requiring a week of fiddling around, fingerprinting, Indonesian references etc. All in all it looked like too much hassle so I decided to pack my gear and book a flight to Thailand!

I left my bike at a hostel in Bali before flying out.

I haven’t planned anything out, no idea were I’m staying or what I’m doing – just grabbed the cheapest tickets I could and hit the road.

Not comfortable, but better than nothing!

Naturally because I booked the tickets based on price the times were dreadful, with a 12 hour connection. That said, it’s given me some time to get some sleep and explore the Kuala Lumpur airport.

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