Monthly Archives: November 2016

Onwards to Ubud

I got my bike assembled at a bike store and piled my gear in to the rear panniers. Before long I was back in business and ready for the relatively tame 30 km ride to Ubud. The ride was great; very hot but the scenery is beautiful. On multiple occasions I ended up riding down narrow dirt paths through little resedential areas having to dodge chickens and potholes, which made for an interesting time!

Author looking at loaded touring bike
Doing my final checks of my bike before I head off

Soon enough I got to the rice fields of Ubud, which was great – the hills of Ubud are less so unfortunately!

Rice fields of Ubud
Endless rice makes for a scenic ride to Ubud

As pleasant as the ride was it was a relief to get out of my sweat drenched clothes and jump in the pool at my accomodation.

Picture of author in pool in Ubud Indonesia
Away from drunken stupidity, this is the tropical paradise I’d been searching for!

Bali workmanship and art

I spend quite a bit of time wandering around the streets exploring, in a way having a more full-on hostel has forced me to spend more time away, which probably doesn’t hurt. I found some really interesting artsy places selling different types of sculptures.

Stone sculptures
The colour of the stone makes for some interesting pieces

I found the combination of glass and wood to be particularly stunning. I’d love to see them being made.

Glass sculptures
I found these particularly interesting

The wood work was interesting too. Incredibly intricate hand carving combined with excellent raw materials in the form of massive thick slabs of wood, make for some impressive pieces.

Carved wood bench
Not really my taste, but impressive regardless

Despite not really liking this part of Bali, seeing this sort of work is inspiring and gives me ideas for my own art when I get back home.

Working out and flying to Bali

I got back to Jakarta, which wasn’t too bad. The hostel in Jakarta was good; there was some gym equipment too which was good. That said, working out in the heat is tough.

Author working out
Trying out the gym gear. No bench and not enough weight is a bit of a pain…

The flight to Bali is uneventful and I’m soon at my new hostel. I accidentally picked one which is a party hostel. My room is right next to the bar and the blaring music is horrendously loud up until 10. I’m then woken by all the drunk people coming back between 0200 and 0400. Overall not a fun time. Resisting the urge to make huge amounts of noise as I get ready in the morning is hard…

Sign warning about bag snatchers.
Yup, nice area all round!

Thankfully I’m only here for two nights!

Bogor Indonesia and plan B?

Having decided that riding was too dangerous and slow I needed a new plan. The family gave me a call which was great, I haven’t talked to them in months so it was good to catch up. I bounced some ideas off my father, which I find to always be useful in working through problems. Apart from transport I also needed to figure out some visa issues and when I was actually heading back to Australia.

Indonesian food
A big lunch, still no idea what most of it was…

After some thinking I decided to book a flight to Bali. This means I can ride around there on some quieter roads and don’t need to be worrying about rushing too much. The only downside to this plan is that I need to ride back to Jakarta to catch my flight…

Tree in Bogor botanical gardens
Really interesting looking trees

With that sorted it was time to check out Bogor! I headed strait to the botanical gardens. This was pretty cool, lots of interesting plants and trees to check out. Given the cooler climate of my home the tropical plants were an interesting change.