Monthly Archives: August 2016

The Bund at night

After finishing up the day with some time relaxing at the park it was time for us to figure out what to do with our evening. Tim, Manuel and I decided to headed out to The Bund.

A stunning view of the waterfront

The Bund (or Wai Tan) is the riverfront of Shanghai, with stunning views of all the buildings lit up in the night.

Picture of Chinese style buildings at night
The city really lights up at night.

With the interesting comparison of the European-style architecture on one side of the river to the modern Chinese towers on the other, it makes for an amazing scene.

Picture of Chinese fast food
Overpriced cold food…

The downside to the area’s impressive views is its popularity, and therefore its prices. We bought some very over-priced fast-food-style Chinese that tasted pretty underwhelming. Overall the views were entirely worth it though!

The highest I’ve ever been…

Not in the drugged up sense my parents will no doubt be glad to hear, but today Emanuel and myself went up the Shanghai Tower!

Picture of author silhouetted against the city up the Shanghai tower
Not a bad view at all…

The lift to get up the tower itself is pretty incredible, getting up to speeds of 20 metres per second.

picture of shanghai looking down from shanghai tower
Strange to be looking down on other towers

Overall it was a pretty amazing experience, at 632 metres high it’s the tallest man made structure you can physically get up to (so excluding tall radio towers etc).

Welcome to Shanghai

After a long 15 hour train trip I made it to Shanghai! This is the first time I’ve been somewhere in China that isn’t so polluted that visibility is difficult, so that is a plus. It seems cleaner in general, although there are still the usual rubbish piles and cigarettes everywhere.

Picture of skyscrapers and traffic in Shanghai
It’s nice to see a blue sky once again.

I got to my hostel without any issues. The hostel itself is very nice, the best place I’ve stayed yet, which is great. I feel like everywhere I’ve been has had its charm but it’s nice to be somewhere that feels clean for a change.

Picture of exterior of hostel with a koi pond and plants
A pond, greenery, what more could you ask for?

I met a couple of guys, Tim from The Netherlands and Manuel from Germany. Both traveling solo like me. We all decided to head out for dinner and drinks together.

Picture of meal
Looks nicer than it tasted but the eggplant was pretty good.

The meal was ok, albeit a bit overpriced. We got a bunch of different dishes and shared them all. The duck was pretty average and was rather chewy and generally mediocre. But they did a decent job with the veggies.

picture of chinese beer
Average cheap chinese beer, strange buying it in a normal store though?

The beer here is not particularly alcoholic, which means they often come in bigger bottles. We were given 600ml ones in the restaurant but back home you’d be looking at almost half of that. I don’t know beer but Tim and Manuel inform me it wasn’t anything outstanding.

Kittens and climbing

As my train from Beijing was in the evening I wanted to make the most of the day.

Picture of kitten
Lots of kittens back at the hostel I was staying at!

This for me means some stretching/exercise and a big breakfast. A Chinese breakfast is however very different to what we have in Australia. Over here restaurants and street stalls make hundreds of buns that are steamed rather than baked and filled with meats and vegetables. There are other options but this seems to be the most common.

Picture of chinese bun
Steamed buns… Very different to our crusty baked bread from home.

After eating and getting packed up I met Tina at the subway ready for some adventure!

Picture of author climbing a rock climbing wall
Testing my head for heights

We made it to our destination which was a very tall rock climbing wall in a park further towards the outskirts of Beijing. Maybe 20 metres tall?

Picture of street looking down from rockclimbing wall
The problem with taking photos is you have to look down…

It was exhausting in the heat but I managed the basic wall a couple of times before moving on to a harder one and then doing some bouldering. Then it was time to say goodbye to Tina and head for my station – ready for whatever Shanghai throws my direction!